For those thought that take longer than 140 characters to express.

God I hope that Nancy Pelosi reads John Cohn’s blog The Abyss | #HCR

"Get up, get, get down 911 is a joke in your town. Get up, get, get down late 911 wears the late crown" #PE

Finally, Jankovic takes a game. #australian open

Jankovic goes down 0-2 to Boderanko to start the match. #australianopen #ouch

Jankovic breaks backs. Put her away Jelena. #australianopen

Jankovic’s alive!!!!! 3australianopen

I want to watch Isner/Monfils, but I don’t have the stamina to stay up for a best of 5 set match that won’t start til 11 #australianopen

Jankovic has given up. #australianopen

You know what’s fantastic? Spending the whole weekend prepping for a trial that settles right before opening statements

Since I thought I was going to be in trial today, I have the rest of the day to do the office organizing that I’ve been wanting to do.